January 18, 2007

Sexual Addiction: Books that help!

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Book List for SA and Related Issues

General Issues & Information for Men

1) "The Daily Walk Bible" By Dr. Bruce Wilkinson; NLT ISBN: 978-1414309576 or the NIV ISBN: 978-1414309590; Excellent tool for developing consistency and insight into your relationship with God.
2) “Your Daily Walk” by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson ISBN: 978-0310536512 Walk thru any Bible in a year.
3) "Men's Secret Wars" by Patrick A. Means; 2006 ISBN: 978-0800731373 Deals with Men's issues.
4) “When Men Think Private Thoughts” by Gordon MacDonald; 1997; ISBN: 978-0785271635
Addressing manhood, intimacy, sexual intimacy, sexual confusion, father issues and relational issues.
5) "Locking Arms" by Stu Weber; ISBN: 978-0880707220 Men learning to build healthy friendships
6) "Telling Yourself the Truth" by William Backus & Marie Chapian; 2000; ISBN: 978-0764223259 Dealing with thinking errors and the principles of Misbelief Therapy.
7) "Discovering the Mind of a Woman" by Ken Nair, ISBN: 978-0785278115
8) "Wild at Heart" by John Eldridge; ISBN: 978-0785287964. Rediscovering the masculine heart for God.
9) “The Sacred Romance” by Brent Curtis & John Eldredge ISBN: 978-0785273424 Going deeper with God.
10) "The Anger Workbook" by Les Cater, Ph.D. & Frank Minirth, MD. ISBN: 978-0840745743
11) “Changes that Heal” by Dr. Henry Cloud ISBN: 978-0061043451. Understanding past to change present.
12) Neil Anderson has written a number of books on spiritual warfare that are worth considering in light of addictions, spiritual strongholds and our identity in Christ. "Victory Over Darkness" & "Bondage Breaker".

Sexual Addiction from a Christian Perspective
1) “Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction” by Dr. Mark Laaser ISBN: 978-0310256571 Understanding the roots, confrontation and treatment for addicts and couples.
2) “False Intimacy” by Dr. Harry Schaumburg ISBN: 978-1576830284 Understanding SA.
3) "Samson and the Pirate Monks…" by Nate Larkin ISBN: 978-0849914591 Understanding the basics to recovery using the 12 Steps.
4) "Faithful & True: Sexual Integrity in a Fallen World." by Dr. Mark Laaser; LifeWay Press; Text & Workbooks http://www.faithfulandtrueministries.com Very helpful workbook dealing with SA issues.
5) “Sex, Men and God: A Godly Man's Map to Sexual Success” by Doug Weiss, Ph.D. ISBN: 978-0884198819
6) "Breaking Free: Understanding SA & the healing power of Jesus" by Russell Willingham & Bob Davies. ISBN: 978-0830817917. Good reviews. Integrates how God addresses our core issues.
7) “The Pornography Trap” By Ralph Earle Jr. & Mark Laaser ISBN: 978-0834119383. Has good insights into various aspects that impact the life of a sexual addict.
8) “At the Alter of Sexual Idolatry” by Steve Gallagher ISBN: 978-0970220202. Also has a workbook ISBN: 978-0970220219. Very basic, scriptural approach.
9) “Pure Desire” by Pastor Ted Roberts ISBN: 978-0830723355
10) Homosexual issues: http://www.portlandfellowship.com investigates the "Map" program and "Taking Back Ground" Workbook. ISBN: 0970656211
Sexual Addiction from a Secular Perspective
1) “Out of the Shadows” by Dr. Patrick Carnes; 2001 ISBN: 978-1568386218. Excellent basic information about identifying addiction, core beliefs, and the basic steps to recovery. Beware: Some graphic stories.
2) “Don’t Call it Love: Recovering from Sexual Addiction” by Dr. Patrick Carnes; 1991; ISBN: 978-0553351385. This gives a good overview of SA and transformation through a 12 Step program.
3) “Lonely All the Time” by Earle & Crow ISBN: 0965287912. Excellent insight SA and Codependency. One of the best SA books written.
4) “Facing the Shadow” by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. Excellent SA Workbook; ISBN: 978-0977440009.
5) "Contrary to Love" by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. ISBN: 978-1568380599. For therapists and Pastors.
6) “The Sex Addiction Workbook” by Sbraga & O’Donohue ISBN: 978-1572243767. Self-help workbook that has some good tools but fairly basic.
7) “Predators” by Anna Salter ISBN: 978-0465071739 Deals with Stage 3 & 4 predators and their deception.

LGBIQ Issues and Recovery 
1) Websites to consider... 
      A) https://ChangedMovement.com
      B) https://www.PortlandFellowship.com
      C) http://www.HopeForWholeness.org
      D) http://www.ExodusGlobalAlliance.org
      E) Francis Chan:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJ82wVfO5qs
      F) Ravi Zacharias:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPYRXop7aPA
      G) Franklin Graham: http://nation.foxnews.com/2015/06/26/exclusive-franklin-graham-warns-gay-marriage-ruling-will-lead-christian-persecution
2) Books to read...

Other Addictions

1) "Facing Love Addiction" by Pia Melody ISBN: 978-0062506047. The Love Addict & Love Avoidant issues.
2) "Confusing Love with Obsession…" by John Moore. ISBN: 978-1592853564. Love Addiction / Obsession.
3) "Sexual Anorexia" by Patrick Carnes. ISBN: 978-1568381442. Dealing with sexual self hatred & feelings.
3) "Don't Leave It to Chance … Problem Gamblers" by Edward Federman. ISBN: 978-1572242005 Gambling.
4) "The Gambling Addiction Patient Workbook" by Robert R. Perkinson. ISBN: 978-0761928676 Gambling.
6) "Enough Already! … Guide to … Alcohol and Drug Addiction" by Bob Tyler. ISBN: 978-1598002133 An insightful primer to the 12 steps and relapse prevention.
7) "Will power's Not Enough: Recovering from Addictions…" by Arnold M. Washton. ISBN: 978-0060919696
8) "Alcoholics Anonymous: Big Book" ISBN: 978-9562912006 Alcohol Addiction.
9) "Every Woman’s Battle" by Stephen Arterburn and Shannon Ethridge ISBN: 978-1578566853 SA women.

Other Issues
1) “Before You Live Together” by David Gudgel ISBN: 978-0830732524 Reasons why some people want to live together and some strong reasons why it is a really bad idea to live together before marriage.
2) “Saving Your Marriage – Before It Starts” Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott Text Book: ISBN: 978-0310492405
Men’s Workbook: ISBN: 978-0310487319 Women’s Workbook: ISBN: 978-0310487418
3) “Saving Your Second Marriage – Before It Starts” by Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott. Text Book: ISBN: 978-0310207481 Men’s Workbook: ISBN: 978-0310240549. Women’s Workbook: ISBN: 978-0310240556.
4) "For Men Only" / "For Women Only" By Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn. Available in Books / CDs
5) “A Celebration of Sex” by Dr. Douglas E. Rosenau ISBN: 978-0785264675 A full guide to sex from a Biblical perspective including drawings that illustrate “how to..”. Done with tact.
6) Sheet Music … Sexual Intimacy in Marriage by Kevin Leman ISBN: 978-0842360241
7) “Safe People” by Cloud & Townsend. ISBN: 978-0310210849 Find good relationships & avoid the bad.
7) “Toxic Parents” by Susan Forward, Ph.D. ISBN: 978-0553381405 & “Toxic In-laws” ISBN: 978-0060507855

Wives & Family Members Dealing With Addicts
1) “Living With My Husband’s Secret Wars” by Marsha Means. ISBN: 978-0800757106. Good first book.
2) ) "Shattered Vows" by Debra Laaser ISBN: 978-0310273943 This sensitive guide provides practical tools to help you make wise and empowering decisions and spiritual tools to transform your suffering.
3) “Hope After Betrayal” by Meg Wilson ISBN: 978-0-8254-3935-3. Excellent help and insight for when
SA invades a marriage and damages the covenant relationship.
4) “Boundaries in Marriage” by Cloud & Townsend ISBN: 978-0310221517; Workbook ISBN: 978-0310228752
5) “My Husband Has a Secret” by Molly Ann Miller ISBN: 978-0834121843 Good first book. Provides hope and perspective from one woman’s story.
6) “Love is a Choice” by Dr. Hemfelt, Dr. Minirth & Dr. Meir. ISBN: 978-0785263753 Dealing with unhealthy relationships, understanding Codependency and breaking cycles.
7) “From Bondage to Bonding: Escaping Codependency, Embracing Biblical Love” by Nancy Groom ISBN: 978-0891096207. This book has received good reviews.
8) "Facing Codependence" by Pia Mellody & Andrea Wells Miller. ISBN: 978-0062505897
9) “Codependent No More” by Melody Beattie. ISBN: 978-0062554468
10) “Beyond Codependency” by Melody Beattie ISBN: 978-0894865831
11) "The Anger Workbook for Women" by Laura J. Petracek ISBN: 978-1572243798
12) “His Needs Her Needs” by Willard Harley Jr. ISBN: 978-0800717889 Building an affair–proof marriage.
13) “Emotional Blackmail” by Susan Forward. ISBN: 978-0060928971
14) "Shame Off You" by Alan D. Wright. Understanding unhealthy shame vs Grace. ISBN: 978-1590524763.
15) “Restoring the Fallen: A Team Approach to Caring, Confronting & Reconciling” by Dr. Earl & Sandy Wilson ISBN: 978-0854110582. Restoring fallen Pastors and those who are truly committed to restoration.
16) “Heart to Heart About Men” by Nancy Groom ISBN: 978-0891098522. Tools for healing relationships.
17) "Beyond the Bedroom … Adult Children of Sex Addicts" Douglas Weiss. ISBN: 978-0757303258

Sexual Addiction: Books that help!
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