June 2, 2012

Phone/ Video Counseling

Skyview Phone/Video Counseling

My name is Ross Gunn III and I have been professionally counseling men and couples since 1998. Prior to that point, I was a Pastor for 25 years counseling individuals, couples and students on a number of issues. Recently, I have been doing a lot of Skype / phone counseling with men and couples who have busy schedules but who are serious about working on their issues. Currently, I do Skype or phone counseling on Monday through Saturdays starting on the following hours... 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm.

The areas I specialize in are ...

* Sexual Addiction (Stages 1 > 4)
* Heart Issues: Identity, purpose, values, significance, security, belonging, pain & reward, trauma, abuse, abandonment, lies, and personal theology.
* Thinking errors, emotional dysfuction and blackmail, unhealthy choices, inappropriate behaviors and unhealthy relationships.
* Building and keeping Healthy Relationships

There are some prerequisites to Skype or phone counseling ...

A) Contact Skyview Counseling at (360) 991-7700 and set up an appointment.
B) Once an appointment is set and some basic information is gathered then Skyview Counseling will then send the client an Email with the following information ...
     1) A Professional Disclosure Statement. This explains the counselor's credentials, education, background, type of therapy, limits to confidentiality, costs and contact information.
     2) A Intake questionnaire. This questionnaire will help the counselor to better get to know the client and their issues. Ideally, this will help shorten the number of sessions and will help the counselor address the client's core issues.
C) Counseling must be paid for prior to session. The cost of “Skype / phone counseling” is $145.
D) Payments are to be made in advance using a credit card and paid using "Square".
E) When doing internet video conferencing the therapist will provide you with the internet program that will allow internet conferencing that is secure.
F) Once an appointment is set then the counselor will call you at the phone number you desire, at the appointed time.

If you wish to set up a counseling appointment please contact me at ...

Ross Gunn III
Skyview Counseling LLC
Office / Cell: (360) 991-7700
Email: Help@SkyviewCounseling.com
Website: http://SkyviewCounseling.com
Blog: http://SkyviewCounseling.blogspot.com
Mailing Address: Skyview Counseling LLC c/o Ross Gunn III
PO Box 532605 Kihei HI 96753-9998

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